Oral Pathology at Wisdom Teeth and Implants

Drs Nokkeo, Soliday, & Ali take a special interest in the diagnosis and treatment of cysts, premalignant tumors, and malignant tumors. When indicated, the treated area can be reconstructed with hard and soft tissue grafts.

Odontogenic diseases are those which develop from tooth related material. One type which we commonly encounter in his practice is an odontogenic (dentigerous) cyst which is usually associated with an impacted wisdom tooth. Odontogenic cysts can slowly and painlessly enlarge and destroy extensive segments of the jaw bone. This type of pathology can usually be treated by enucleation (scraping it out from the bone) sometimes bone grafting is necessary to help restore the jaw.

Another type of odontogenic lesion which is encountered in the jaws is the ameloblastoma which is a very aggressive benign (non-cancerous) tumor which behaves much like a cancer, but does not ordinarily spread (metastasize) to other parts of the body. Since these lesions may recur, we treat these tumors aggressively, with complete excision, taking a margin of healthy bone, then ordinarily grafting the site to reestablish anatomic continuity.

A myriad of benign, premalignant and malignant (cancerous) tumors can occur in this area and can frequently be treated with the carbon dioxide laser.




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October 2017